A familiar response when I tell people that we are off on holiday is “again?” I am aware that we go away a reasonable amount and do plan our trips away a long time in advance but nevertheless it does always strike me as an odd response.

This has come up a number of times recently as we are off on our travels this week (Yes, again!) to get a bit of vitamin d and some respite from the continual rain brought on by Ciara and Dennis.

The “again?!” response does irk me somewhat. I’m not really sure what people would prefer. Maybe they would rather I took no holidays and stayed chained to my desk at work. Maybe, as Helen suggests, it is just jealousy but surely if that’s the case then a more appropriate response might be “again? Oh I am jealous!”

The fact of the matter is that while I like being at home and I enjoy my job I also love being away visiting places and seeing new things. It is also true that because of the type of job I do there isn’t much scope to switch off properly even on holiday but at least modern working practices mean I can do what I need to do when I am away. The need to be available even when away also make me feel less guilty about being away… again!

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