Seville 2020 – Day Three – Up the Giralda

It has become progressively busier over the three days that we have been in Seville partly, we belatedly discovered, becuase yesterday was a regional holiday, Día de Andalucía, when the locals celebrate what little independence they have been granted from Madrid.

It seems this localisum is an international thing with smaller and smaller areas looking for automity from the powers that be. On my return I’ll be applying for independance from the suffocating control exerted by the UK government for my own fiefdom.

Before that, however, I had a tower to climb. The last time that we were here we went to the cathederal and dashed to the top of the tower and back so as not to leave our family back on terra ferma on their own for too long. This time we decided to take a more leisurely approach spending more time in the church itself.

Well that is what we intended to do but in fact the interior of this particular church was pretty dull and uninteresting (unlike the exterior). Call me a heathen if you like (and I am) but this really did nothing for me. So we made a dash to the top of the tower for a windy look over the city before making our way down and out via the rather lovely orange tree lined courtyard.

Today is supposed to be our last full day in Seville but it seems the Spanish have one final gift for us – storm Jorge which, unlike us, is currently making its way from Spain to the UK. We have already received warnings from our airline about possible disruption so we are prepared. Given that we (apparently) travel so much it is surprising that we aren’t held up more often but we’re not. Fingers crossed for a smooth flight tomorrow.

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