Edinburgh 2021 – Day Five – Good Evans!

I thought that I hadn’t been to the National Museum of Scotland before but as soon as we were inside I recognised it. From a dark and oppresive entrance it opens out into a vast light and airy space. It is a beautiful place packed with interesting objects. However, it is a right old maze inside and easy to miss things and especially frustrating when you are looking for something particular (an exhibition on the history of typewriters in my case).

We eventually found the exhibition having done a couple of circuits of level 3. For reasons I am yet to work out there seem to be only levels 1, 3 and 5. The exhibition was small but perfectly formed and I am glad that we went in to take a look. Typewriters have all but been made extinct by the computer and were already on their way out as I was born but they are a thing of beauty to look at.

Our penultimate Fringe event was back at TheSpace @ Surgeons Hall and was another singing group. This time an all girl a cappella group doing hits from the decades. The singing was ok but not brilliant but the whole sing-off concept was a bit naff. I was glad that it only lasted 40 minutes. That’s still the beauty and charm of the Fringe in that you never know when you might uncover a real gem. The two Night Owl Shows we saw were excellent for example.

Our final event was to see Simon Evans who was a late booking for both him and us. He wasn’t on the billing when we were booking tickets before we came up and he was only playing this week so the stars aligned. I think that Evans is the best comedian on the circuit at the moment as he is both funny and thought provoking. Tonight’s show was a mix of old favourites carefully woven into the story of how he discovered his father wasn’t who he thought he was. Funnier than it sounds – I came away with tears of laughter in my eyes and it was a brilliant way to end what has been a superb week.

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