Danube 2023 – Day One – Stepping Back in Time

We went on a river cruise down the Danube a year ago and were so enamoured with it that we asked my parents if they would like to come with us on a similar trip this year. They did and here we all are.

It has been a very long time since I have been on holiday with my parents. Discounting the odd long weekend here or there it must be over 35 years since we were camping and caravaning in France. Fortunately, the accommodation is a step up from the camp beds of old.

With us all being older than we were since the last trip a lazy drift down the Danube seemed to be the ideal way to spend a week. However, this being us it has still been planned like some military operation! We have been able to bring the benefit of experience from last year’s trip both in what to do onboard and when at each destination which (I hope) will be useful.

We knew, from being here last year, that Passau is an attractive place and is known for being the confluence of three rivers so we were planning to visit the town once again. Unfortunately, the boat was moored a mile or so out of town far away from the other riverboats. I’m sure the mooring came with an advantageous fee but wasn’t very practical for visiting the town, which was a shame. To be honest the weather wasn’t very practical either so in the end we visit the Lidl over the road and bought provisions!

Tomorrow it is back to Linz.

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