Spain 2023 – Day One – I’m Full Already!

We went on our first cruise to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary some 23 years ago now. We didn’t consider ourselves to be natural cruisers but the ship was going places we wanted to go, stopping somewhere new every day. We’d treat it like a floating hotel we said and we did. But we enjoyed the whole experience and so here we are again for our fourth Mediterranean cruise.

I still don’t consider us to be natural cruisers, a point made clear as we explored the ship today and passed rows upon rows of people cooking themselves on sun beds, something I can’t imagine us ever doing. Also, I was the only man wearing trousers when everyone else was in shorts. Nevertheless we still enjoy the whole experience, even the nighttime entertainment which can be cheesy but great fun.

Food on Tap

It is impossible to go hungry on a cruise ship as there is food available 24/7 from one of the many restaurants, bars and cafes that litter the decks. Whether you want a full-blown three course,waiter service meal or a quick bite there is something on offer for everyone. It is very hard to resist over eating, particularly on the first day which is always at sea as you sail to your first destination and you are trapped onboard with little to do (other than cook yourself, obviously).

Having, opted for a light breakfast when a full English was on offer and had salad for lunch when another hot meal was available we couldn’t resist the temptation of afternoon tea. Fresh scones with jam and clotted cream were available which we both have a penchant for and, somewhat surprisingly, were excellent. A hole filled before a more substantial dinner later.

A Storm Brewing

This ship is one of the smoothest I have ever been on, a cross-channel ferry it is not. As we sailed overnight last night I was woken not by the movement of the ship, there isn’t any, but by the room being flooded by light from a storm outside. I got up to take a look and could see nothing but grey and the continual lightning but could hear no thunder at all. I can’t recall ever seeing such sustained lightning like that ever before.

Tomorrow we arrive at our port of call, Cádiz, and I shall be glad to get off the floating hotel and feel my feet on solid ground once more.

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  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Amy and I just celebrated our 29th! October 1 marks 39 years since we joined WB1C with Steve Wilson and Tom Manns! Did you visit the Rock of Gibraltar?


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