Always the Bridesmaid…

I have written about my younger son’s playing of League of Legends before. Yesterday was the culmination of months of games in the NUEL (National University eSports League) with over 300 teams having been whittled down to the final two with Mat’s UoB Storm pitted against Nottingham Bears.… Read the rest

Solar Eclipse

As I write this and look out of my window it is a beautiful day. The sun is shining down and there is not a cloud in the sky.

Wind back to this morning when the solar eclipse was supposed to be happening it was grey and overcast with zero chance of seeing what the BBC described as ‘Breathtaking’.… Read the rest

Birthday List

It’s possible that I might have a significant birthday this year and if you are wondering what you might get me the above BMW would be most welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰

Read the rest

Every Episode of House M.D.

Opening scene somebody gets ill, others around are concerned but this is misdirection as ta-dah itโ€™s one of the concerned others that falls sick and needs a trip to the hospital.

Someone tries to entice House to take the case by offering up tidbits of information about the illness but he is not interested.… Read the rest

When the Usual Becomes the Unusual

I guess that there was a time when seeing a display such as this would have been the norm and wouldn’t have caused crowds to gather below it with cameras pointed skywards. However, this was exactly what happened at the weekend outside of Huttons in Knaresborough.… Read the rest

Somebody doesn't get the web

This is a real letter that was sent (yes, printed and sent, not emailed) to some of our friends who have a child at the school.

What I love about this is that the sender has clearly recognised that having to type in that long URL is going to be tedious and error prone so rather than providing a short link they have had the bright idea of providing a QR code.… Read the rest

Train Spotter

I was clearing out the bedroom getting it ready to decorate when I unearthed my old train set.ย This was given to me as a christening present so, like me, it is getting on a bit but, unlike me, it is beautifully preserved!… Read the rest

Bluebear is the god

Over the years I have spent many hours watching my kids take part in various extra curricular activities. This has included standing on the side of a football pitch on a cold Sunday morning watching a herd of eight year olds chase a ball, seated in an airless theatre as the local amateur dramatic society over acted some play and sat on many a hard church seating while a guitar orchestra played.… Read the rest