A Summer of Vinyl

Anyone that has been paying attention will have noticed that I am back into vinyl in a big way – mainly because I like having a physical product and also the print on a record sleeve is large enough for me to be able to read without glasses!… Read the rest

Reading Mammoth Record Fair

So I have been getting back into vinyl in a big way. No, not like that, but vinyl records of the round black variety.

I am trying to limit the amount I spend on records by only purchasing brand new releases and particularly if they are limited releases, special vinyl or signed.… Read the rest

Are You Listening? Festival 2016

Although it has been running for four years this is the first time that I have gone to the Are You Listening? festival (AYL) in Reading. AYL is a one day music event that showcases (mainly) local music in bars and event spaces around the town (so no mud and getting wet) in aid of the charity Mencap.… Read the rest

Producers, what are they good for?

I always laugh when I see on an ad for a film that proudly states “From the producer that brought you xxxx”. From what I can see this is suggesting that I should go and see the film based on the person that managed to raise the money rather than someone that has any artistic input.… Read the rest

A Box of 45’s

During a recent tidy up I found my old wooden box of 45 singles, regrettably I got rid of my albums years ago, although I am slowly rectifying that.

I’m hugely proud of the box itself as it is the only decent thing I ever made in any of my craft lessons at secondary school.… Read the rest

My Amazonification

So this week Amazon released Prime Music in the UK which is a (very) restricted version of Spotify Premium. When I say restricted we are talking about 1 million tracks compared to Spotify’s 30 million catalogue. However, Prime Music is an additional perk of the Amazon Prime package which includes next day delivery, Prime Instant Video (Amazon’s Netflix) along with some other bits and pieces for £80 a year.… Read the rest