What’s Wrong with our own Traditions?

I don’t want to come over all Farage but what’s wrong with our own traditions? Over the last few days my inbox has been inundated with messages wishing me a happy thanksgiving. Why? It’s not celebrated here in the UK. We have our own turkeyfest and it’s not for another month.… Read the rest

Are we at war?

Over the last few days the skies have been filled with the sounds of military helicopters flying overhead – a very unusual sound for Reading.

I just happened to be outside today when I spotted not one but seven coming across all together.… Read the rest

Life Imitating Art

Looking on the BBC website this morning I saw something that looked pretty familiar.

I knew that I had seen this image of the opening of the George W. Bush Library, or something very similar, recently.


And then I remembered, it was the opening of the Francis J.… Read the rest

"Level Playing Field"

© Rubenstein, photographer Martyna BorkowskiSo now we really know that it wasn’t all About The Bike after all.

Where Lance Armstrong is concerned it seems that emotions can run pretty high after he finally came clean and admitted that he was the drugs cheat that everyone suspect him of all along.… Read the rest

The Horse Burger Saga

Beefburger --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisSo there has been all sorts of Brouhaha in the media over last 24 hours regarding the discovery of horse meat in burgers and other products sold in UK supermarkets (this wouldn’t raise a murmor in France).

Let me state here and now that I am not and never will be a vegetarian, nor am I a great animal lover.… Read the rest

Could Electronic Download be the Saviour of the Small British Retailer?

3049356523_5133720eb5_bSo Jessops has been announced as the latest firm on the UK high street to go into administration, following in the footsteps of the likes of Woolworths and Comet. This is a tragedy for the people that work in those businesses and for the high streets themselves that take on an abandoned look with gaps where many thriving businesses used to be.… Read the rest

Order! Order!

Every Wednesday at midday in the Houses of Parliament, when sitting, is Prime Minister’s Questions. An opportunity for members of the house to ask questions of the PM. It is the only opportunity you will get to see a pantomime outside of the Christmas period!… Read the rest

A Taxing Issue

So comedian Jimmy Carr has been in a spot of bother this week for putting his money in a scheme that allowed him to pay a rate of tax of only 1%. This was entirely legal.

Many have been up in arms that the rest of us have to pay considerably more than that on salaries that are considerably less (and shrinking).… Read the rest

Vote for 1950's Woman

Well the emails are coming thick and fast now.

Today I had an email from Mindy Wren (Hi Mindy!) which had the above picture. The immediate thing that struck me about the picture was how like a 1950’s woman she looked.… Read the rest