Mary Rose Exhibition, Portsmouth

IMG_7594Having lived and studied in Portsmouth for four years I have been down to the historic dockyard a number of times and seen the Mary Rose.

While it has been undergoing its restoration over the last 30 years it has been housed in what was little more than a plastic hanger. That has now changed with the opening of the new exhibition centre which is just marvellous, as you might expect having had £27M spent on it.

The last time I saw her she was still being sprayed with chemicals to preserve her but that process has now stopped and she is going through a drying phase. This means that you can see the hull properly for the first time without having to look through a fine mist, albeit through smallish glass windows.

Once the drying phase is complete I believe that the wall separating the viewers from the boat will be removed and you will be able to see the hull in all its glory finally. Hopefully all the pipes will also be removed. That will be in three years time so we will be back to see her once again then!