Sky Garden, London

A year ago I arranged as a present for my dad for us to go up the Shard. This didn’t work out that well as we were thwarted first by the London Fire Brigade and then by Thor. So it was with some trepidation that I booked to take my in-laws up to Sky Garden this Christmas Eve.… Read the rest

Hidden London – Camden to Paddington

I like London. It’s a great city. I wouldn’t want to live there and nor would I want to have to commute up there everyday to work but it is a beautiful and richly varied city.

A great example of this is the almost jarring contrast between Camden Market, with it’s brash high street and shops with large footwear adorning the frontages, and the canal-side walk from the lock to Paddington.… Read the rest

Beautiful Plumage

I have to admit that I wasn’t old enough to see Monty Python when they were first shown on TV (Not the Nine o’Clock News was more my era) but I have watched them repeatedly since then along with the films.… Read the rest

Not a Trip up the Shard, London

In this post I was expecting to bore you with a trip to the top of the viewing area of the Shard in London and some marvellous pictures of the view. Instead this is what we saw:










Lots and lots of fire engines and other blue light vehicles (if you like firemen, this was the place to be yesterday).… Read the rest