What a difference 24 hours can make. Only yesterday London was celibrating the success of capturing the 2012 Olympics and today it is rocked by a terrorist attack.

I, like any other normal person, was shocked and sickened by the attacks. I just cannot comprehend just what the attackers think they will gain from such an attack. Will it make me less likely to travel to London? No. Will it make me less likely to travel on public transport? No. Will it make me more likely to support their cause? No. So what has it achieved, how has it furthered their cause and what is their ultimate aim. As it is unspoken one can only assume that they have no aim and no purpose other than to cause death and disruption.

My family and friends in London were fortunately not hurt in any of the blasts – others were not so lucky. We will see this through and London will quickly return to normal, however, it will take us a long time to forget.