It has been interesting to watch the qualifying shenanigans over the weekend and then see the following announcements from the McLaren team regarding what happened and then try and match that to what was on TV. To me something doesn’t quite add up.

Why is it that the questions that you really want answering never seem to be the ones that get asked? Lets take the word of the team as being correct for a moment, i.e that the team decided that they were going to hold back Alonso for the right moment and then release him. This raises a number of points. Firstly that they would have known that this would have meant that Hamilton would not have been able to get out again in time to complete his flying lap. Why would they do that? To teach him a lesson? I can’t believe that.

More importantly if it was the “team” that decided to hold back Alonso then why was Ron Dennis shown throwing off his headphones and then marching Alonso’s personal trainer down the pit lane immediately after the event? No one seems to have bothered to ask this question and if they have not given the answer.

I think that the most likely answer is that the team are taking the rap for whatever actually happened. This raises a further point and that is if that is true and Ron knows the real situation then his words over the weekend have at best been bending the truth and so how can he be trusted over the “Stepneygate” situation?