The local council want to shut my sons secondary school, Ryeish Green based on a falling roll. Research carried out by the council shows that the roll will continue to fall making the school not viable. However, independent research carried out shows that the councils figures are wrong and the that the roll will actually rise making the school a necessity. It is the only school in Wokingham designated as “rural” and the only one this side of the district. Should it be closed it will mean a great deal more travel across the district for the displaced pupils – many of whom can walk today.

My personal view is that this is a purely political move for the council who could do with the money the sale of such a large site would bring in. Of course they claim otherwise, however, I would be very surprised if the council just left the site empty though.

Anyway should you wish to support the school you can do so on the Downing Street e-petitions site. I would urge you to do so.