Alex back stage with ZebraheadA few weeks ago our eldest son wrote to Kerrang magazine stating that he had been to see Zebrahead in concert a couple of times and on both occasions the friends that he had gone with had come away with some piece of memorabilia. Basically he felt that this wasn’t right as it was him that was the real fan and the others were there for the ride.

Proving that sometimes you do get what you ask for his letter was published (see below) and not only that they had arranged for him to go back stage before a gig and meet the band. True to their word last Wednesday Alex travelled to London and before the concert went back stage where the gave him tour merchandise, picks and some beer(!) . He was able to “hang out” with the band and have his picture taken.

I am currently penning a letter to Kerrang to ask if they can fix it for me to go back stage and meet Genesis c. 1973.

Alex gets a letter published in Kerrang!