Dinosaur RideAnother Disney day again today, this time it was Animal Kingdom. As a contrast to Universal this park was heaving with elbow room only available. I don’t think I have ever seen it quite so busy.

On the busy days you have to be organised to get the most out of the park. So we spilt up with Helen and Alex going over to Dinoland (after Africa and Asia Disney obviously felt there was nothing worth theming in Europe or the Americas) to go on one of the rides there while Mat and I went to get fast passes for the safari ride. There were so many people queuing for fast passes that by the time we reached the head of the queue they were giving them out to speed things along. This meant that we could also get another pass for Dinosaur.

While we were waiting for Helen and Alex to come off their ride Mat and I went on some of the fun fair attractions on which you can win soft toys as prizes. $20 later Mat had won a cuddly dragon and an alligator.

The whole family back together again and we tackled Dinosaur. The picture above is taken from the ride and looking at it you could be forgiven for thinking that it is the scariest ride imaginable – the woman bottom right certainly seems to have forgotten that dinosaurs last roamed the earth millions of years ago.

The safari ride is exactly as the name suggests riding through part of the park given over to a variety of animals including lions, giraffes, elephants etc. As ever it is cleverly done and you can (almost) believe that you are out of the park for ten minutes. You can see more pictures of the animals by clicking on the image below.

After the park we came back to the villa via Barnes and Noble, a great book shop where Helen could also satisfy her coffee cravings. We all found books that we wanted and couldn’t get in the UK. I have been looking in Waterstones in Reading for anything by Martin Cruz Smith for a while now and they have nothing in. Here I found a couple of books of his I have yet to read. Mat found two enormous books of guitar music which will be a challenge to get into the cases and not take us over the weight limit on the journey back!


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