A meeting with BartAnother early start to beat the crowds – if you have teenagers you will know what a challenge this can be but the lure of another trip to Universal seemed to do the trick.

Once again Universal was empty in comparison to yesterday’s trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and it was easy to move around the park, which was a godsend. This also meant that it was quick and easy to get onto the rides. We had already decided that we wanted to go back on to the Simpsons Ride so we went there first. We followed that up with a trip to Men in Black. And then we did them both again!

As you can see from the picture the men had their picture taken with Bart Simpson – the highlight of my day.

All attractions have a sign outside describing the ride and listing the reasons you shouldn’t ride: heart complaints, back problems, expectant mothers etc. I guess that adding “fat people” to the list wouldn’t have been terribly PC so the statement shown in the picture below is added as almost an addendum at the bottom. I wonder how many lawyers it took to come up with this wording?

You can see the rest of the pictures of Universal here.