image There are many things missing from US roads, small cars for example, but the most noticeable is probably the absence of roundabouts, so it was quite a surprise to find one in the community our villa is on.

As you can see from the picture below a roundabout is such a rarity that it requires plenty of signs to explain how to use it. Unfortunately the same does not apply to a 4-way stop junction which seems to be used when the junction is too small or too insignificant to warrant traffic lights and where in the UK we would have a roundabout. At these all-way junctions everyone is supposed to come to a complete stop and then take it in turns to go based on the order you arrived. Of course no one knows the order they arrived and so it is just a free for all.

I would like to say it is organised chaos when, in fact, it is just chaos but then visitors to the UK probably think the same about our roundabouts.


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