Perkins Tremendous TwelveWe had a slow start to the day today as we had been hitting the parks pretty hard over the last few days and we knew we were in for a late night as the boys were going to a concert (New Found Glory) in the evening. So we started the day with brunch at Perkins before spending the afternoon at the villa. The picture on the left is the cholesterol inducing Tremendous Twelve.

Late afternoon we headed over to Downtown Disney the entertainment part of the Disney complex containing shops, restaurants, a cinema and other live venues. After feeding the boys and seeing them safely into the concert Helen and I went to the House of Blues for a meal.

When we emerged we then had three hours to kill so we hit the shops starting with the Virgin Megastore. This is closing at the end of May so everything was on sale with up to 20% off. However, on closer inspection all was not as it seemed. When we had been in earlier in the week there were a large number of CDs on sale for $10 and now they had all gone back up to the RRP – about $18. Even with 20% off these were going to be more expensive. I guess that is one way of ensuring you don’t lose money during a sale.

Unsurprisingly the majority of the shops in Downtown Disney are aimed at a younger audience with plenty of Disney merchandise on sale along with Lego and a few others. Nevertheless we did spend a fair amount of time browsing before grabbing a drink and sitting beside the lake whiling away the time.

The boys came out at 10:45 and were full of the energy that loud music (pop punk in this case) seems to give you. They had been pretty close to the front and had clearly enjoyed themselves which was a relief as I was a bit concerned that Mat might not. As it was he was impressed by the guitarists and ran me through all the guitars they were using.

We made our way home and even managed to find the right road – something that we still struggle to do after five years of visits!


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