AUS ‘09 – DAY 7 – SYDNEY

Sydney Harbour

Today was our last day in Sydney and it was a scorcher with the temperature nudging 30 degrees. We started the day with a trip to the markets of The Rocks. The stalls were packed with the sort of items that you see at a craft fair in the UK only with an Aussie twist and without the drizzle. We were able to stock up on gifts for people back home so if you are reading this and receive something you’ll know where it came from.

After lunch and an ice cream we spent the rest of the afternoon on the opposite bank to The Rocks in the Botanical Gardens. It was nice to spend some time amongst the shade of the trees. The gardens were also full of wildlife including Royal Ibis, parrots and fruit bats. I had always thought bats were nocturnal but these were very active in the late afternoon sun flying from tree to tree and making a great racket.

Then it was time to head for the airport and the flight back to Melbourne. We flew with Virgin Blue who seemed to the Australia’s equivalent of EasyJet which super fast turnarounds and a charge for pretty much anything and everything.