P1020099We had a quiet day today after Sydney and took a stroll from the house down to the beach. As you will see from the pictures the beach is lined with brightly coloured beach huts of the kind that people pay silly money for on the South coast of England.

The walk down Dendy Street allowed us a closer look at the houses here. There is an amazing mix of styles and it is not unusual to find an ultra modern house next to a very traditional one. Clearly the Australians are not constrained by planning rules in the same way we seem to be in the UK.

Despite the amount of land here each plot is relatively small with little garden to speak of. By and large each house is well tended and those that have gardens are keen to point out that they are using rain water rather than precious tap water. Many of the older properties have attractive looking verandas at the front with inviting looking benches or chairs. However, I have yet to see anyone sat out there!


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