National Gallery of VictoriaAfter the rush of the last few days we had a quieter one today, closer to home. We had decided to go into Melbourne for one last time to take in the Dali exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, followed by some shopping and finally a trip to the aquarium. In the end we ran out of time and could only manage the first two.

The Dali exhibition only served to prove to me that he was a mad genius. His earlier works showing a real skill for paint work before the surrealism worked its way through.

In Brunswick Street were a number of eclectic shops selling all manner of things from bespoke jewellery to second hand books. Helen and I wandered along the street before heading back to the centre and a browse around more traditional shops.

Tonight we will be packing for our trip to Cairns. Looking at the temperature there all we will be needing are shorts and “thongs”.

National Gallery of Victoria