AUS ‘09 – DAY 13 – CAIRNS

P1020464 Today was a day spent travelling, so not much to report.

It is easy to forget just how big Australia is. To get from Melbourne to Cairns it took us 3 1/2 hours flying time – I could cover a good part of Europe in that time. The in-flight movie was “Angels and Demons” so I was glad that I had my laptop with me and could watch what I wanted – a few old episodes of Doctor Who.

On arrival in Cairns and after checking into our hotel, we took a walk along the front and into the shopping district. It seems that there are only three types of shops in Cairns – they are either a) a cafe/restaurant, b) a place selling trips to the Great Barrier Reef and other local attractions or c) somewhere to get cheap hats, tee shirts and flip flops. We made use of both the former and bought all three from the latter. It seems Cairns fulfils only purpose and that is to satisfy the needs of every tourist.

Tomorrow we are the tourist.

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