As if any more proof were needed that my Doctor Who obsession started early then this is it.

What you see here is a drawing I did when I was seven and sent to my Dad who was away during the week on a training course. It shows, very clearly, a Dalek, next to a leaning TARDIS. Less clear, at the top of the page, is what I can only assume is Bessie the third Doctors car. I can state quite categorically that this was during John Pertwee’s reign as the envelope is franked with a date of June 1973.

Included with this masterpiece was the following letter where, getting my priorities right, I announce that “two of the BBC Daleks are missing”. There is no explanation as to the circumstances of the missing Daleks, just that they are gone. I like to think that Pertwee took them home with him and now they are sit in the living room of his son Sean. Perhaps some passing Whovian will be able to shed some light on the situation. I am not sure I will sleep properly again until I know that they have been returned!

The end of my letter also features a Dalek and a Tardis and is signed “Neil Dr Who” – perhaps pointing to future ambitions!