So we have arrived for what I honestly expect to be our last family holiday in Florida (and yes that sentence has been very carefully worded!)

Before writing this post I re-read my day one post from our last visit, how different it was for us this time. Instead of stepping off the plane to find an empty security line this time we lost the race with the passengers from the competing Virgin Atlantic flight and it was heaving with irritable Brits and their children. However, to improve Anglo-American relations the US Customs and Border Agency had ensured that the fewest number of lanes possible were left open so that their colleagues could stand around at the back chatting (Cameron, if you are reading this, this alone is sufficient reason in my books not to support the US in any future conflict that they may decide to start.) To top it all Mat, clutching his stomach and looking very pale indeed, was fading fast and the last thing he needed was an hour long march to the front of the queue while some woman from the border agency encouraged us to “Keep moving!”. Something that just wouldn’t have crossed my mind had she not been there to provide such valuable advice and guidance. Anyway, there weren’t any “fast passes” available for this ride so we had to stick with it.

Once through and Mat had a couple of cold drinks down him everything was fine and in no time we had collected the car – this year an even bigger SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee) and we were on our way. By some strange coincidence we had managed to book a villa on exactly the same street as the last time we were here which also had the same layout. This firstly made it easy to get here and secondly meant that we could find everything in the house without searching – good news after a long and tiring day.

You can see a 360 degree panorama of the villa by clicking the image below:

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