USA ‘11 – DAY 13 – REST DAY

Today actually turned out to be more of a rest day than we had at first envisaged. Helen woke up early with a dodgy stomach and needed to spend much of the day nearby some porcelain which wiped out the plans we had.

This was not the glittering end to the holiday that we had planned. All we could hope for was a quick recovery so that we could get back on track tomorrow.

After the three men had gone out for dinner without Helen and got back home Mat started to complain of stomach pains too. This now leaves Alex as the only member of our party to have not suffered something similar. Hopefully he will avoid it.

So as I write this, with a day and a half to go, it is very much up in the air what we will be able to do. It will be a great shame if the last few days of our last trip to Orlando (until the grandchildren arrive!) are spoilt by a spate of dodgy tummies.

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