Having done all the Disney and Universal parks last week, this week was always going to be about going back to visit favourites.

The Thompsons being a democracy means that there has been plenty of debate over the last couple of days about what we would be exactly doing in the second week. Helen and I are project managers by trade and while we didn’t produce a Gantt chart we did get pretty close!

More of a surprise was a suggestion put forward by an 18 year old who normally, given the option, wouldn’t surface from bed until the sun was setting. In order to reach the parks while it was quiet it was suggested that we get to Magic Kingdom at opening time – 8 am. In order to do that we would have to get up at 7 am. Let me just repeat that: An eighteen year old boy was suggesting that we get up at 7am in order to reach the park by 8am. And do you know what? He even managed it!

For some reason the magic that runs Disney seemed to be in short supply today when it came to transportation. When we arrived at Magic Kingdom the monorail wasn’t working and so we had to be bused in and on the way out the boat wasn’t running. To be honest I cannot remember a time in the previous five visits that this has been the case so to have both out on the same day was very bad luck.

Arriving early did enable us to pack loads in: 2x Space Mountain, 2x Thunder Mountain, 1x Buzz Lightyear and 1x People mover. However, the highlight of the day, at least for Alex, was trouncing the rest of us on the Buzz Lightyear ride. His score of 702,000 was the highest I can ever remember any of us ever getting.

After Magic Kingdom we paid our first visit this year to a Disney water park. It was decided by the organising committee that we would grace Blizzard Beach with our presence, a fact that must have got out as there we plenty of people there to greet us…

We took a lot of photos but they were taken with a waterproof film camera (remember them?) and so I cannot post them until I have them developed. Does anyone still do that? It must be a dying art surely?

By this point it was the hottest part of the day so we didn’t spend too long for fear of being burnt to a crisp but it was good fun and if I’m honest I think the boys would have stayed longer.

After such a packed day, tomorrow is a “rest day”!