I have been to Edinburgh on a number of occasions and with the exception of my first visit, the weather has always been fantastic. We arrived today to what might be considered more typical conditions – overcast and drizzly.

Overcast conditions in the Cotswolds might spoil your day but the houses still have a golden glow from the limestone. The same cannot be said for Edinburgh who’s sturdy and imposing buildings seem to have been built out of the dark, grey, clouds that loom overhead.

That said Edinburgh is still a great place to visit and it’s not just me that thinks so but the thousands of tourists from overseas that you bump into every few paces at the top of the royal mile. It seems that very few coach parties make it to the bottom of the hill to see Holyrood.

The same can be said for Calton Hill which has a few interesting building on its top with architectural nods to the Greeks but thankfully few tourists.

In the evening we went for a meal in Howies on Waterloo Place which has the most understated entrance that we almost walked straight past it. That doesn’t seem to have affected trade though as it was packed.

We had a great meal but there was an awkward moment when shortly after our main course had arrived three waiters came to our table within seconds of each other to ask how our meal was. This might be taking great customer service a bit too far and I am sure that the final waitress didn’t understand when she arrived, asked if everything was ok with our meal and we both just giggled like schoolchildren!