Our final morning in Edinburgh before we headed back south.

To fill the time this morning we were recommended the Scott Monument by the guy behind the the desk at our hotel. Actually it wasn’t a hotel but an aparthotel, which is exactly as it sounds – an apartment rented by the day. I have been to this particular one a number of times now and I would highly recommend it. Anyway, given that whenever we are away with friends of ours we always have to find a tower to climb it seemed appropriate to climb one in his home nation in his honour.

The monument itself isn’t that high but the stairs to the top get progressively narrower until you reach the very top when it is too narrow for the average American to squeeze through. Fortunately being so slim and svelte myself I got through without any problems… At the top you get a good view across the city and it not being very large you can see the edges, something you would struggle to do in, say, London.

And that was all we had time for pretty much. We wandered back along Princes Street stopping only in Waterstones before heading off to the airport and back home.

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