It’s been years since I have been to anything that you might consider a music festival, although Hard Rock Calling might count I guess. My last “proper” festival would have been to Reading in 1988 when a very pissed off Ricky Ross, lead singer with Deacon Blue, declared “anyone else throws a bottle at us and we’re off” – you can guess what happened next. Since then I have been to many more gigs but not really any festivals. In the intervening years the number of festivals has mushroomed, quite how they can all be sustained I really don’t know. Well now I have found one that might just be for me – Weyfest.

Weyfest is held in Farnham, Surrey and this year seems to have headlining acts that sum up my formative years in 10cc, Steve Hackett (as part of Genesis) and Asia. They just need to add Marillion to the bill and I think they will have covered the full set! Another plus is that as Farnham is relatively close to where I live I can travel down each day and so don’t have to camp out which I might have been keen to do 25 years but I am way past slumming it now!

So this summer it looks like I might be joining my children (metaphorically rather than actually as they are going to Reading) and hitting the festivals once again.