WilliamsF1 First Win in Eight Years!

Those that know me even moderately well will know that I am a huge WilliamsF1 fan and have been since my teens when the team was new and had yet to win their first world championship. And I have stuck with them through the fallow years, which have seemed interminable. But now we have a win – the first in eight year. Boy that has been a long time coming!

The team have taken some stick in recent years from many quarters, including myself, for a variety of reasons. Many criticised for taking on pay drivers but that seemed to be a natural reaction to a lack of sponsorship and a need to keep the business afloat. My gripe was that the team stuck with the same people who had been responsible for the downward trend for what I thought was far too long.

Then, last year, there was a wholesale clear out and a load of fresh faces were brought in and what a change they have brought about! And the ‘pay driver’? Well he coolly and calmly drive the race of his life yesterday to take his maiden grand prix victory and Williams’ first for eight years.

The team deserved to enjoy and savour the win but shortly after the team had their photo taken celebrating the win a fire broke out gutting the garage and putting several team members in hospital. A sad end to what had been a fantastic weekend.

I look forward to a resurgent Williams over the rest of the season.

Photo Credit: NA.dir

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