Man with a Van Humour

We’re looking at hiring a “man with a van” type service to help clear out some stuff before having some work done in our kitchen and I was taken by the service level options offered by one:

  • Luxury (You drink tea, WE work)
  • Typical (We work together and drink tea together)
  • Budget (We drink tea, YOU work, we just drive)

Not sure yet if the price reflects the level of humour!

  • Roger Thompson

    Two other levels:


    Charity retailers

    Both much harder work and you run the risk of rejection, but at least it’s free and you might even get that warm feeling of charity! Good luck mate!

  • admin


    The item had already been on Freegle with no interest (first time ever that nobody wanted an item I had listed) and I had also checked the local charity furniture recyclers and there isn’t one within striking distance so this was already a choice of last resort! Disappointing as in the end I’ve had to pay the council to come and collect.