An Open Letter of Apology to Lewis Hamilton

Dear Mr Hamilton,

I am writing to you to apologise for the words I shouted at you during your incident with the WilliamsF1 driver Pastor Maldonado late in yesterday’s European Grand Prix. I believe that I may have called you a “f**king stupid w***er” in the belief that your driving had caused the incident that put you out of the race and Maldonado down to tenth thereby robbing my beloved WilliamsF1 of some much needed points.

After a period of reflection and contemplation and on taking a closer look at the video footage I am now of the opinion that actually, while perhaps not blameless, you did not deserve a number of the more fruity comments that I levelled at you. Certainly had Maldonado waited just a little longer then he would have been able to pass you easily as your tyres were shot.

So please take this as an apology (although I do reserve the right to shout at you in future should I deem it necessary).

Yours sincerely

Neil Thompson

PS. I also need to apologise to the vase on the hearth that took the full brunt of a shoe that was thrown in its direction.

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