Spain 2012 – Day 4 – Besalú


Having done the major tourist attractions over the last few days we decided to head off the beaten track today. Initially we set the satnav for Besalú, a pretty medieval town, where we could walk the cobbled streets and admire the walls. But this was in the guide book and not the real spain that we wanted to see. Also I had a hankering to go off into the hills so we thew caution to the wind a picked a place off the regular tourist trail and set the satnav for it.

We should have taken the warning that the satnav threw up a little more seriously but the message was a little ambiguous and the scenery was great. When I said “off the beaten track” I hadn’t meant literally but this is what we got. You know that sinking feeling that you get when the satnav says “turn sharp right in 500 yards” and you go “she can’t mean down here surely? Bloody hell she does!”. Well it was one of those moments when the tarmac ran out and a narrow, unmade, dusty trail took its place. Being the pioneers that we are we pressed on regardless desperately hoping that we wouldn’t meet a milk lorry or even a stray goat coming the other way!

Eventually we rejoined civilisation but we decided at that point that we had had enough excitement for one day and made our way back to the safety of our hotel in Girona.