Spain 2012 – Day 5 – Peratallada and Pals


While Peratallada and Pals may sound like some cheesy folk band they are in fact a couple of medieval villages to the north of Girona. Peratallada is completely encircled with its original wall and inside is a maze of winding cobbled streets and tourists. Pals is arguably the more attractive of the two but has been expanded over time with the obligatory industrial zones on the outskirts.

To complete our tour of places beginning with the letter P we visited Palafrugell which turned out to be a huge mistake as a) it was very unattractive and b) was shut. It is easy to forget what towns were like before the introduction of Sunday opening hours but Palafrugell was a prime example as it was like a ghost town. At least it was easy to park!

All this week I have been carrying with me the cold I had brought with me from the UK. While this was certainly not life threatening the blocked ears made it difficult for me to hear and I am concerned about what the cabin pressure on the flight back will do to them. Therefore I decided to try and get some decongestant at the local chemist. This meant miming “I have blocked ears due to catarrh” to the pharmacist which was a challenge that would have stretched even Lionel Blair! I have come away with a massive bottle of disgusting tasting liquid but being unable to read the label it could be for almost anything!