A couple of weekends ago Helen and I went to Bristol, a city with plenty going for it. There is a lot of fascinating history, particularly around Isambard Kingdom Brunel who seems to have had a hand in so many things from the railway station at both London Paddington and Bristol Temple Meads, the railway route between the two, Clifton suspension bridge and the SS Great Britain.

You can go a long distance covering all the Brunel sites around the town as we discovered. I used the MapMyRide app on my iPhone as we plodded around the city on the Saturday and discovered that we had walked ten miles by the time we got back to the hotel. This came to a surprise to everyone except my legs!

In contrast to the history Bristol provides there is also a large amount of public art that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Many walls of many buildings were covered by artful graffiti – way too much for it not to have been sanctioned. Of course, the most famous proponent of this form of art is Banksy and we sought out an “original” work, which, actually, was much more powerful than anything else we saw. But you can make you own mind up by either checking out the slideshow below, or maybe going to Bristol.