Sir Patrick Moore

I was very sad to learn today that astronomer Patrick Moore has passed away. Most people, I suspect, will remember him for introducing several generations to star gazing through his very popular The Sky at Night programme which he presented for more than fifty years.

I, however, will remember him for a series of children’s books based around a space adventurer called Scott Saunders.

I was never a great reader but something about these books really caught my imagination and I looked forward to each one being published and then devoured them when they came out.

As far as I know there were only six books in the series and as you can see from the images below I still have them all. The only other books I have from my childhood are The Wind in the Willows and The Hobbit, both of which I have kept as they have a connection to my Dad, so that shows just how much I was attached to the Scott Saunders books.

What coud be a more fitting tribute to Sir Patrick that sitting down and reading them once more?