My Reservation is Actually

Like most others, every day I get loads of spam email and GMail does a fantastic job of keeping them out of my inbox.  Periodically I check the spam mailbox just to ensure that nothing has slipped through the net. Occasionally I even take a look at some of the mails there to see why they have been classified as junk.

Today nestling there was the following email. It seems very specific to me, how many people have made a booking for the Arriva Hotel I wonder and could be taken in by this? However, it is not this detail that makes me wonder why people ever get taken in by these, it is the awful English employed. For example “did the card have enough money on the card for reservation?” and to seal it as junk the link “You shouldnt worry about it. Your hotel reservation is actually.” Well I’m really pleased that my reservation is “actually”.

No doubt the scam here is to get you to confirm your credit card details (by fax no less) so that it can be used to make unauthorised purchases but really, if you fall for such a badly worded and constructed email you sort of deserve to be had.

Dear Client,

The hotel Arriva Hotel informed us that the data of given credit card was not accepted

(the reservation number GDJN16919115) .

It could happen because of several reasons:

Expiration date – end – does the expiration date of the *+++ card finish until the date arrival registration?
The reasonable balance – did the card have enough money on the card for reservation?
The type of the card – does the hotel accept such a type of the card?
You shouldnt worry about it. Your hotel reservation is actually.

However in order to guarantee its keeping, you have to refresh the credit card date during 36 hours after this message receiving.

Print the reservation, fill it in and fax to the hotel address.

If you do not update your credit card date, a penalty for reservation cancellation or prepayment of 130$, which is provided under the terms of booking will be imposed. 

More detailed information about rules and payment conditions for reservation guaranteeing you can find in the letter which is sent after reservation.

We are glad to answer all your questions during 24 hours every day.

Yours faithfully, Booking.