Greece 2013 – Corfu – Back on Dry Land

20131005-144051.jpgSo that is week one of the holiday done and we move from ship to shore as we transfer to a hotel.

In some ways I will be sorry to leave the ship behind. It is a great way to see a number of destinations in a short space of time, which is exactly why we chose it in the first place. Also the service is excellent, which you would expect with a ratio of pretty much two passengers to every crew.

Interestingly there seemed to be a very distinct hierarchy of crew with those in senior and entertainment positions being white Europeans, those in the front line of customer service, such as the waiting staff, Asian and the rest from the Indian subcontinent. I found all the front line staff to be happy, obliging and most of all smiling – I dread to think what a ship crewed by 100% British staff would have been like: surly, bad tempered and grumpy no doubt, or is that just me?

The downside of being off the boat for me is that I still feel the movement of the boat even on dry land – it feels very much like vertigo which is a little odd to say the least.

From the ship we went via the airport to collect a hire car and make our way to the hotel. We don’t often stay in hotels on holiday, other than the odd city break and when I arrived at this one I was reminded why, lots of sun loungers set around the swimming pool meaning lot of people – me and people don’t mix well. However, once we had been taken to our room and found our way around the hotel things didn’t seem quite so bad. The room was great and had its own private garden – it also smelt lovely. It must be the first hotel I’ve been to where they pump scent into the rooms, the very appropriate Kouros if I’m not very much mistaken. It is like staying in the hotel equivalent of Hollister.

As you can see from the picture below the hotel is in an idyllic setting and I’m warming to Corfu.


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