Greece 2013 – Ermones – A Walk in the Woods

20131006-142253.jpgTry as you might it is impossible to escape the fact that this is a package holiday, one of the very few we have ever taken, perhaps only our second. This means that there is a rep here in the hotel and this morning there was a welcome meeting for all the new guests. While this was ostensibly an opportunity to sell organised tours it also did highlight a couple of things that wouldn’t have been available otherwise. The first was a series of organised and included activities, more of which later, and the second was some sheets with suggested local walks, one of which we did this afternoon.

The walk was billed as “moderate” but that is somewhat meaningless as one mans moderate is another’s bloody difficult. There was also no distance given which was ominous but it did say that it was under two hours so couldn’t be that far. It was a beautiful walk but was rather steeper than we had anticipated. Also there was the additional challenge that some of the markers given to look out for telling us when to turn were missing so at times we weren’t sure if we were on the right track. And in some places it really was a track that looked like it was only passable by mountain goats! The reward for the walk were some stunning views over the cliffs to beautiful clear blue waters – it really is a wonderful place.

As I mentioned there are a number of activities organised by the tour operator that are included – today that included a demonstration of how to make Tzatziki. I had always thought that the main ingredient was yoghurt but from what I saw today I know think it must be garlic! Anyway, it tasted great and the local wasps thought so too as they were certainly attracted to it.


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