Greece 2013 – Palaiokastritsa – That's Easy for you to say

20131010-135944.jpgAfter the rains of yesterday we had expected it to be wet again today so were pleased to see that it was dry when we got up and so we quickly got in the car and made our way to Palaiokastritsa.

When you book a hire car you typically select from a group and are shown an example that you might recognise, so “Group B” might be a Renault Clio or a Peugeot 206 etc. However, in my experience that is rarely what you get, you are much more likely to get something that is a cheap equivalent and so it was this time when we were allocated a Suzuki Alto. It’s not a bad car, the gear box is reasonably smooth, but it is obviously cheaply made full of great swathes of grey plastic and incredibly tinny. That said it has done well bombing up and down all the hills we have taken it over the last week which has been numerous and pretty twisty. I cannot imagine that the gear boxes last long in any hire car but here you hardly get past third and they get a real thrashing up the hills.

The great thing about Corfu is its size – you can easily drive from one end to the other in a day and that has enabled us to explore all sorts of places, mainly in the north as the south tends to be where the yoof hang out! It’s an odd experience driving here as none of the roads are that big and there are additional hazards to dodge such as the numerous stray cats and dogs and Greeks on scooters. People, particularly the British tourists, go mad over these strays, you would think that they hadn’t seen a cat before but go all doe-eyed over the things. I see them simply as a mobile obstacle to be avoided.


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