Greece 2013 – Achillion – For Your Eyes Only

IMG_7413The last full day of our holiday and there were still some areas of the island that we were keen to explore, such as Achillion Palace where the casino scene from the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only was filmed.

I was surprised when we got there to find a large number of tourist coaches had beaten us to the place and it was heaving with German visitors.

It was a beautiful spot and the views from the nearby coffee shop over the bay below the palace were absolutely fantastic.

From Achillion we made our way to just south of Corfu Town where there is a small monastery in another idyllic position – Corfu just seems to be full of them. Being close to the only major town on the island and given that it was raining the last time we visited we thought that we might try and park close to town and walk in. Helen navigated us there beautifully and we were in the town within 10 minutes.

It’s an attractive place with its forts, little back streets and the brightly coloured buildings. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around and taking photos but mostly feeling pretty pleased with ourselves that we had managed to navigate ourselves there through the poorly signposted outskirts and had found somewhere to park that was both conveniently located and was free! Little things…

Back at the hotel they were having a black & white themed night. This theme was also expected to extend to the guests who were to wear their finest “black and white” to the dinner  in the restaurant – fortunately the theme didn’t extend to the food itself. Unfortunately we hadn’t know that the hotel was going to be running this event so I turned up in my blue polo shirt and jeans – Helen looked the part though.


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