Greece 2013 – Corfu – What Bad Weather?

40615ddd2e0f20f0cd4e046e30a91566I love to visit new places and foreign climes but the process of achieving that can sometimes be a real pain and nothing brings you back down to earth after a great holiday than a three and a half hour flight delay.

We arrived at Corfu airport with plenty of time to spare. Thomson run a pretty efficient operation but it does involve multiple queues: into the airport itself, at the check-in desk, to put your suitcases to the hold belt and finally through security. Airside it was heaving simply due to the number of Thomson flights that come and go on a Friday.

And then the tannoy announcement that nobody wants to hear “we are sorry to inform passengers on the Gatwick flight that due to bad weather it has had to be diverted to another airport. We will update you in two hours.” In the end it was three hours before the plane could land, refuel and return.

Somewhat bizarrely the “bad weather” only affected two flights out of the tens that were flying in and out of Corfu that day and ironically the weather when we landed in Gatwick was immeasurably worse than that at Corfu that had prevented our flight from landing.

Still it was a good thing that no Thomson reps could make it through airside as I am sure that there would have been a lynching but it would have been nice to get some information.

Right, I’m off to whittle down the 1027 photos we took while away – no, seriously!

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