What the British Really Want

So while signing this very worthwhile e-petition, highlighted to me by Stephen Mangan (to be clear it wasn’t specifically sent to me by Mangan, I’m not that special to him), I took a look at the petitions that had been closed.

As you can see from the below we really, really want to bring back the death penalty. Or perhaps and more likely, those who have the get up and go to start a petition are also those more likely to want to see hanging brought back.20140114-085739.jpgI was also intrigued by a petition titled: “Ban the sale of young puppies & kittens without their mothers being present” which states within its proposal that we should “Insist on seeing puppy/kitten & mother interacting” presumably before ripping their offspring away from them.

If you have five minutes to spare trawling epetitions.direct.gov.uk is really time well spent!