USA '14 – Day 6 – Soarin' through EPCOT

EPCOT is a real mix of rides and tranquil spaces in the form of the World Showcase, a dozen countries represented by a famous buildings. The UK has a pub, of course! However, the boys aren’t that keen on that part of the park (it’s “boring”) so we only did the rides.

As we had secured our Fastpasses before we arrived we already knew what we were going to do. Our first Fastpass was for Test Track at 09:30 so we dashed over to Soarin’ to get on before the masses. This is another simulator ride where you are flown over the sights of California. I’m not sure if we missed it in previous years but this time we were all sure that we could smell the sights too – particularly as we went over the citrus groves.

Test Track has always been one of my favourites and probably the best across the whole of Disney. Since the last time we were here it has received an upgrade which now has you “build” your own car before “racing” it around a track. All this was to fill time while waiting for your ride. However, it seems longer and less fun than previously, which was a shame.

We did a couple more minor rides before exiting to come back for a quiet afternoon by the pool.

20140406-211609.jpgFor the last couple of evenings there has been a owl sat outside on the road picking up insects. Helen had spotted it first soarin’ past the back of the house. Tonight there were two of them out there. Both were incredibly tame and pretty amazing to watch.

I am not sure why they are always outside of our villa, maybe the bugs are particularly juicy there, but they do seem to like it. This is the best shot I managed to get of one of them, sitting on a road sign.