USA '14 – Day 5 – More Bort licence plates to the gift shop

Today’s park was Universal where we had planned a route to include the Simpsons ride, Men in Black, Jaws and then the Beetle Juice show. The park was very quiet and so we were quickly onto the first couple of rides without any fuss at all. The Jaws ride proved more problematical in that it has been removed to make way for what looks like an extension to the Harry Potter themed part of the park. You can see in the image below that there is going to be a replica of Kings Cross station:


We also went on the Transformers ride for the first time, it being new since our last visit. This is a ride where you sit in a car and you are moved around a series of different places being jerked and bumped around. Difference with this one was that it was just simply amazing. You wear 3D glasses and the scenes are giant projections. With the glasses and the movement of the car you really feel that you are racing through the streets being chased by Megatron. It was such a great ride that we got off, exited and then got straight back on again. That was also an indication of just how quiet the park was too.

A few months ago I noticed that Steve Hackett was playing in Orlando while we were over here so I booked up a couple of tickets for Mat and me as you really don’t get that many opportunities to hear classic Genesis played these days. The venue, Plaza Live, was a really great place to see a gig but the whole experience was a bit of an eyeopener.

Now, I am basing my thoughts on attending precisely one concert in the US but that’s all I have to go on. It is true that the audience last night was loud and active.

When I say loud I don’t just mean whooping in appreciation (although there was a lot of that) I mean talking. Remember that this was a rock concert so they really had to shout to make themselves heard. If you are wondering why I didn’t tell them to shut up please see here.

When I say active I don’t just mean getting down to the music in appreciation (although the guy next to me was really going for it) I mean regular trips to the bar to top up the beer and a standing ovation at the end of every song!

Again, this may be unusual even for the US but I am suspecting not. However, all this was a minor distraction from the main event which, just like it was last October was superb.

Oh and if you don’t understand then subject of today’s post, see here: