USA '14 – Day 8 – A visit to The (I've eaten too much to have any) Cheesecake Factory

Today was another “rest” day starting with a breakfast at Perkins. I have downgraded from a Tremendous Twelve to a Magnificent Seven – I still feel full once I reach the end of the seventh item. I wonder if they have a Dieters Double?

There was no theme park scheduled for today and instead we set off for Blizzard Beach, one of Disney’s water parks. Designed to look like a ski resort it is a difficult one to pull off when the temperature is nudging 30 degrees! This scene includes a chair list that takes you to the top of the rides, or would if it was working properly. We walked to the top and took the family raft ride back to the bottom. This is a giant rubber ring round the inner of which the Thompson’s were stationed. You then ride down what looks very much like a bob sleigh track. Good fun if you are not facing backwards as I was.

The majority of our time in there was spent on the lazy river which is a shallow river that runs around the perimeter of the park which you navigate on a rubber ring. It’s very relaxing to be sat back in one of these rings and watch the world go by, at least until you pass under a steam of cold water that brings you back to reality.

20140408-171334.jpgWhen planning for this trip we asked others that had been before what we should do that we hadn’t before and the overwhelming consensus of opinion was that we should go to the Cheesecake Factory. The nearest to us is at The Mall at Millenia and conveniently also meant that I could visit the Apple store too.

The first issue was finding the restaurant, Millenia, is so large with so many outlying buildings that we drove round in circles for ages until we asked Google Maps to get us there!

The menu at The Cheesecake Factory is huge, although every other page has an advert, containing food for everybody. We had been warned that the portions were massive but that didn’t stop the boys ordering a starter too. I wasn’t overly impressed with my meal, a Teriyaki chicken, but everyone else was waxing lyrical about theres so I must have chosen badly.

Here’s the thing about large portions – it means you either leave some which is a waste, or you have it boxed up and take it home to throw away, which is a waste or you eat it all and pile on the pounds, which is the waist! The other issue is that having eaten so much on the main you haven’t any room for the cheesecake, which is supposed to be their speciality. We had some slices boxed up to take home and they were great.

So all in all I wasn’t as impressed as I expected to be still rating Bahama Breeze higher (and it was cheaper too!) but the others in the party may well disagree.