USA '14 – Day 9 – Rain and Shazam

It’s unusual for it to rain while we are in Florida, in fact I can only remember it doing so on three previous occasions. Today was the fourth time. The good thing about rain here is that it is warm and clears quickly and when it does the temperature drops back down to something more manageable for us. Armed with the this knowledge and knowing that it was going to rain today we set off for Universal and a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

20140409-155212.jpgNothing has changed there since last time we visited three years ago, including the crowds. I had wondered if now that the books and films had finished that the enthusiasm for all things Potter would have died down but on the evidence of today it is just as strong.

Like everyone else we dashed to the main ride which was already busy. As you are taken upside down on this ride you are asked to put all loose items into (free) lockers. This is the one area of the park that is poorly designed in that they have tried to give it a Hogwarts theme by making it constricted and poorly lit. Into this hundreds of tourists are placed – it’s not a pretty sight. The ride, however, was great.

We then went from Islands of Adventure (where Harry Potter is) to Universal Studios only to find that the queues were long and the Transformers ride was closed so we snuck onto the Simpsons, had some lunch and went back to the villa.

Orlando is home to numerous dinner shows and we have done a few but the Outta Control Dinner Show is just great for late teens and it would seems the newly married from Sheffield who had turned up at the show we were at last night. This is a one man show performed by Tony Brent who is very funny and a great magician. The price includes all you can eat pizza which Alex tested the limits of!