USA '14 – Day 10 – A trip to Seahaven

Today was (mostly) a boy free day as Helen and I decided to do something slightly more cultural while Alex sat in misery in front of the Man United game!

We went to visit Winter Park, somewhere we hadn’t been previously and has been recommended in the guide books. Helen noted that it had a passing resemblance to Seahaven, the town that is constructed to house Jim Carey in the Truman Show. Scarily it did look like that but fortunately we were able to leave without having to take boat out onto rough seas.

There was a series of lakes in the town and we took a boat trip around them. The houses that lined the edges were just magnificent and when I win the Euromillons I have decided that this is the place to have a holiday home!

We saw another unusual sight in the town – a train. If you want to get around in Florida the way most choose is the car but this service ran from Winter Park to Orlando at least. It was obviously very pleased with itself as it sounded its horn right through the outskirts of the town announcing its arrival. It was a disappointment to find that it only had two carriages when it arrived.

The town’s Main Street is lined with an eclectic set of shops that you won’t find in other places (apart from the obligator Starbucks of course) and we spent a fun hour or so wandering up and down looking at them.

We were back in time to see the disaster that was Man U vs Bayern Munich before going off to EPCOT for the evening with Mat.

The world showcase is one of my most enjoyable places in the whole of Disney. Yes it is a bit cheesy to see so many countries reduced to a caracture of themselves but it is fun and the light last night was just right. We stayed on for the fireworks which we hadn’t been too for a few years and they too were as great as ever.