USA '14 – Day 14 – And that's a wrap

I don’t do roller coasters so coming to Orlando might seem a strange holiday choice but there is so much to do that is on the ground that it really hasn’t been an issue. However, I did make a promise to Alex that I would go on a slightly more adventurous coaster this time and that this would be the Rock n Roller Coaster.

Both Helen and Alex had been on this ride before and had come off saying how great it was but that was three years ago. When asked to describe it I was told that it was very similar to Space Mountain after the initial bit which was very straight and fast. I was also assured that it stayed level and certainly didn’t go upside down so reassured by this I found myself being pinned into my chair ready for takeoff.

The initial bit was as described where you are propelled like a rocket along the tack at great speed. However, after this it came as a great surprise to find myself being twisted and turned upside down, not something I had expected to experience. The saving grace was that it was short and over quickly!


Helen, Mat and I then went to Lights, Motors, Action! the car stunt show while Alex chilled out in a coffee shop. As you can see from the image above this is a high speed and visually stunning show that is repeated three or four times a day. Given the speeds and the closeness of the cars the potential for an accident seems high to me but we have seen it numerous times now and it has always gone smoothly, like watching a ballet.

20140413-213421.jpgOur final meal out was to Bahama Breeze and there they serve the one food item that I will miss when I get back to the UK – Key Lime Pie. This is very similar to Lemon Meringue Pie but, obviously, made with limes.

While it has been good to not bother about cooking and the washing up I will actually be glad to get back to normal food portion sizes and give my stomach a rest.