USA '14 – Day 15 – The long way home

Given that the flight back to the UK is late afternoon this gives us plenty of time for one last hurrah.

Even though we had only been there yesterday it was decided to go back to Hollywood Studios today. I have to admit that this was done on a majority vote basis and like the Olympics I suspect that some bribery took place to get the required result!

The overwhelming reason for sticking with Disney was the Fastpass+ system that I had written negatively of earlier in the holiday would actually work in our favour here. We could pre book the rides we wanted to go on and guarantee it where as at Universal we would have had to take pot luck as to what was available.

So after clearing the villa and packing up the car with groaning suitcases and an extra bag we made our way to WDW for the last time. *

We got to do a series of favourites including the Star Tours ride twice, Indiana Jones, which Alex sat out electing to be in a coffee shop writing, and then the boys went on the Rock n Roller coaster twice. A fitting end to a holiday.

We left the park and made our way to Perkins for lunch having the Hearty Mans which is a variant on the Tremendous Twelve. I’ll miss the Perkins pancakes smothered with maple syrup but my heart probably won’t.

So I am typing this from my seat on the plane. We’re only thirty minutes into an eight hour flight and already I am fed up of being kicked in the back by the child behind me. Also I know that when we land we have a full day to deal with which could be interesting and then it is back to the reality of work.

Now, however, I can reflect on a holiday with highs and lows. Florida has always been a great family holiday, no fuss and bother, no arguments, just great family fun. Of course this trip also included a trip to A&E which we could all have done without but we had good care and everything is fine now.

So back to reality.

*Disclaimer. When I say “last time” I mean “last time this holiday” as opposed to “last time ever”. I have learnt that it’s best not to say that we’ll never be back!